The traveling bag

- stories of a little bag with great content -

Hello I’m Sarah’s bag, she carries me around the world and I carry her stuff. She models, so I am basically also a model, that’s why I’m pretty. Together we travel the unknown road, follow my adventurous life. My name is Ethan by the way, the hottest man in her life.


Booming bags

Summer is a time for relaxation, even a bag knows that much. So when Sarah decided to take a trip with her van, I decided to tag along even though I hate camping. I mean come on, have you seen my delicate skin, and lovely long chains? Can you even imagine that between dust, dirt and sweaty people? Oh well I guess you have to try everything once in a lifetime. That’s when I left all the luxury and glam of my lifestyle behind and took a journey to Boom Festival.

For all of you that have been living under a rock; Boom Festival is an original and unique festival in Idanha-A-Nova, Portugal. Our road trip in the van was as it should be: fun and long, very long. Sarah didn’t seem to mind, but yeah she’s a hippie…

Boom was amazing! All the music, colors, art, sun, people, positivity, body paint, performances, under a burning sun next to a cool lake, words can’t describe. It was as good as it gets at a festival, basically perfect, like me! I fitted right in with everyone, cause people seemed to be open to just about anything.

And the main aspect I liked about Boom, was their take on sustainability. It is highly valued, which became obvious in all the details. Lectures about the environment and sustainable toilets, they thought of everything. Now that’s music to my ears, cause I’m also a sustainable bag you know.

Oh well, another experience gained instead of pounds. I wonder what Sarah’s got in store for me next. Let’s hope it’s a little bit more glamorous, just as it should be in this beautiful bag’s life!


Living la vida bolsa

You were probably wondering where I’ve been, well as a wise man once said: “She never drinks the water and makes you order French Champagne” (thank you Ricky Martin). I’ve been doing just that the past couple of weeks, beachside in Costa Rica. Don’t feel sorry for me, it was awesome! Sarah was surfing and making hot ass selfies, which gave me some space to work on my tan lines. If you ever get the chance make sure to visit Nosara, and the beach Playa Guiones. The waves are silver, but the silence is golden. We wake up everyday to Nature’s sounds and practice some yoga at this retreat we’re staying, Pachamama. We eat some breakfast at Robin’s under a beautiful big tree, well Sarah eats brekkie, I just detox. Afterwards I took myself by the handles to stroll a little bit amongst all the emerald green forests. It was pretty aweful but hey I guess if you like walking it’s amazing. I only did it to burn calories, I’m vain little bastard, you know me. And if you don’t know me by know…(thank you Simply Red). Oh well, I guess I’ll have myself a nice seaside dinner at La Luna and call it a day. Just living la vida bolsa!


Bags under my eyes

It’s just one of those days that a bag goes through…Sorry my Mondays are built on cliches with a whiff of hiphop. If you don’t know what I’m referring to right now, you were definitely not a 90’s wild child. Another reason to just be very sad this Monday; rain is the other reason if you didn’t notice. Well actually it could have been worse for me, I could have been a leather bag. Cause my skin is faux, rain doesn’t hurt it. So Sarah took me for good old cup of coffee, she can take me everywhere and so she does. Right now we’re at Lot Sixty One, another one of our favorites in Amsterdam. While I’m enjoying the smell of fresh ground beans, Sarah is sipping the bags under her eyes away. Being a model is hard work, believe me I know. Although I never carry bags under those pretty handles of mine, I’m pretty much perfect! Oh well after the rain, there’s sunshine, for us anyways, as we’re going to Costa Rica. I’ll keep you posted as I will be sipping on some Tona for the next few weeks, poolside baby!



We watched you from dusk till dawn

All the pastel shades of pink and blue

You got that once-in-a-lifetime-beauty in the bag

I adore you



So it’s been a while since you’ve heard from your favorite bag. Why, you say? Well, I’ve been very busy traveling back home and looking at my beautiful self in the mirror. Those handles, the shape, the skin, OMG I am such a H.O.T.T.I.E.! Oh well enough about me, more about my main baglady. Sarah took me to one of the best places in Amsterdam: the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art. She also took all of my friends with her, so it felt like my coming home party. The staircase left us in awe, as well as the beautiful paintings we saw. One of our favorites is Rosy-Fingered Dawn at Louse Point, made by Willem de Kooning. We stopped and stared at it for hours, well at least Sarah did. I went downstairs to the bathroom to take a good long look in the mirror again…Yes, glad we’re bag in Amsterdam!




Everyone knows I’m a big mouthed bag, so I guess it’s time to unlock some of the best South African hotspots, according to me (whoelse?). If you love the beach you’re a lucky bastard, you can gallivant along one of the best beaches in the world: Bakoven beach. And if you’re hungry after a swim, visit Baked to ease those munchies. I’m not sure if it’s really really good, cause bags don’t eat, obviously. Other hot dipping spots are Llundadno beach and Sandy beach.

Sarah also seems to enjoy sipping spots, South Africa offers winetasting on a large scale, which you can do in Constantia, where a glass is always half full. If you need some food to soak up that wine, go the the center to visit; Clarke, Buzbey Grill, Bombay Bicycle Club, Plant, The Foodbarn, or Black Sheep. Not all at once of course, but whatever you feel like, the list could even be longer cause good food is at the order of the day.

Also don’t miss out on driving from Cape Town along Chapmans Peak, which is a site for sore eyes, just like me. And if you’re in a car anyways, drive by Rogers Fruiterers in Kommetje, to get some organic goodies. And if you’re not into cars, take a hike and climb that Table mountain. Oh well enough to do, enough to see, enough said, time to get back home. Good old Amsterdam, you got one happy bag coming your way! Seeing some hot sights in my hometown to hit the spot soon…



Outback living is not easy for a bag like me. We arrived at the Afrika Burn site of Tankwa Garoo, in the middle of the South African desert. Luckily we’re glamping and not camping out here! I got attacked by an ostrich with an attitude the other day, he almost tore off my handles but I’m a tough little bag, so no worries. But I must say the sunsets are fabulous out here, so all the dust is worth it. Sarah seems to love the basics of camping life, with outdoor showers, cold Savannas (some kind of cider), and wearing denim shorts all day. I’m just glad this hippy full moon roadtrip is coming to an end, I guess I’m not such a bohemian outbag after all.



You probably know that saying, the bag doesn’t fall far from the palmtree? No? Ok you can stop reading. Well anyways, it’s so not true, it’s more likely the other way around. All those beauty shot poses Sarah learned from me, you see. It’s not all about being photogenic, modeling is an improvised dance before the camera. I’m a bag full of moves, but without the marks to show it. Movement is very important in life , and I will be doing that soon…maybe France, maybe Holland, we’ll see. But I will definitely give you some Cape Town highlights before I go, cause I like to tell stories, as does Sarah. I guess the tree doesn’t fall far from the bag either. A little b(r)agging never hurt anyone.



With every stroke of her brush, more color comes to life

Her eyes follow her hands, her mind wanders along

Under the trees, and under the sun

A new breeze is born

Watch while she adds color to our world



Beauty sleep is very important for a bag like me; I’m taking my naps three times a day, cause I can’t handle bags if you know what I mean. Did you know that taking powernaps increases creativity and reduces stress. About creativity, my owner, Sarah, is an amazing artist. I always watch her paint, so I’ve learned a lot, although I’m not taking the risk of getting paint on my body. I don’t need the color. I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.

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